Have you been considering a breast augmentation? Many women agree that it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves!

However, if you’re still feeling a bit apprehensive, it’s totally fine! After all, it’s a pretty big financial commitment and it’s common to have a lot of questions. One of the biggest concerns potential patients have is what to expect during recovery after breast implants.

The following guide will tell you everything you need to know!

The 4 Phases of Recovery After Breast Implants

After breast augmentation, you can expect your recovery to go through four separate phases. While the actual timeframes and side effects will vary from person to person, the following information describes a typical recovery.


When you wake up in the recovery room, you’ll likely feel groggy and you’ll be sore. Some patients also feel nauseous from the anaesthesia. Many describe it as a feeling that’s similar to a hangover.

In almost all cases, the woozy feelings will start to subside after three to four hours. Your doctor will likely require that you have someone to drive you home and recommend having someone stay with you overnight. This way, you won’t have to move any more than absolutely necessary and you’ll have help if you need it.

The First 5 to 7 Days

Generally, the first couple of days will be the hardest, and you’ll continue to feel pretty significant discomfort for three to five days. Your doctor will have sent you home with pain medication. Make sure you take it and keep up with the schedule the doctor has recommended.

Do not wait until you’re in pain to take your pain medication. Instead, take it at the proper intervals so you’re able to stay ahead of the pain. Also, don’t take more than recommended as this can make you nauseous, dizzy, and increase the chances that you could develop an addiction

After day five, you should be able to manage any residual pain with over-the-counter medications. Talk to your doctor about what’s recommended and make sure to follow instructions closely.

If you work at a desk job, you should probably be able to return to work after about a week off. Your doctor may want a follow-up appointment before releasing you back to work.

While you’re home recovering, it’s important to keep lifting and reaching to a minimum. If you start to feel better, you might be tempted to use your time off to reorganize your closet or do some spring cleaning – however, do not do this! It’s important that you give yourself enough time to rest and recover properly.

The Next Few Weeks

After you’ve hit the seven-day mark, you doctor may release you to start slowly going back to regular activity. You can usually engage in light exercise and most of your daily activities. 

You might experience a little bit of discomfort as you start to push yourself a bit, but if it becomes severe, you’ll want to dial your activity back right away. You’ll also need to avoid rigorous exercise like running or heavy weight lifting.

If you have a labour-intensive job, you may need to stay out of work for up to three weeks. Make sure you plan ahead so you’re able to take enough time off to fully recover.

Full Recovery

Reaching full recovery after breast augmentation is an exciting time! Once you’ve had your follow-up appointment and your doctor says that you’re fully cleared, you can resume all of your favourite activities.

In many cases, this will occur about two months after your surgery date. Don’t push yourself until the doctor says it’s okay, or you could end up with serious complications. In general, however, if you follow instructions, you’ll heal properly and end up looking and feeling better than ever.

Top Tips for a Comfortable Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Knowing what to expect after breast implants will help you stay calm during the recovery process. There’s a good chance that in the first few days there will be a lot of pain and swelling. Understand that this is normal and to be expected.

There are a few things you can do to help make your recovery go smoother.

Invest in Recovery Bras

Investing in a couple of good recovery bras will help reduce your pain and discomfort. They’re specially designed to support the implants and hold them in place, ensure proper lymph drainage, and increase circulation.

You’ll need to wear a bra around the clock while you recover, so make sure the ones you choose are breathable, soft, and have adjustable straps so that they fit properly even when you’re dealing with a significant amount of swelling.

Your doctor should be able to recommend the best brand and size based on your specific circumstances.

Prepare Your Home

For at least the first few weeks, you won’t be able to do housework. So make sure you’re as comfortable as possible by doing as much as possible before your surgery.

Get all of the laundry done and do a full cleaning of your home. Make sure someone is available to help you or arrange for some type of meal delivery, at least for the first week.

It’s also a good idea to fill your pain management prescriptions the day before your surgery. If you have children, you’ll also want to arrange for someone to stay at your home to help with them.

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