Winter calls for cosy nights in, busting out the winter wardrobe and enjoying your favourite hot chocolate. But the dropping temperatures also invites a rather uninvited guest: dry skin. Dry skin can affect every part of your body but one of the most notorious is dry skin on hands.

Dry skin on hands is common, even more so in winter. It can leave your hands feeling chapped and cracked and considering how often we use them, it’s important we take care of them!

Here are ten tips that will help alleviate dry skin on hands this winter – from using a quality moisturiser to overnight remedies.

Why do our hands get dry during Winter?

Our skin is our very own barrier from the outside world but this barrier isn’t 100% foolproof. Our skin is a porous barrier and experiences water loss via evaporation. This is known as transepidermal water loss.

Winter accelerates this water loss because of the low humidity and cold temperatures that winter brings. Less water in the skin equals dry skin, which is why our hands tend to become more drier in the winter. Throw in the fact that we expose our skin to direct heat in the form of heaters makes our skin even drier.

So what can we do when we have dry palms and our hands are always dry?

10 Ways to Treat Winter Dry Skin

#1 – Moisturising is King

Making sure your hands are constantly moisturised helps get rid of dry skin and is the best way to prevent it! Pick a moisturiser that hydrates and apply it to your hands several times a day. You’ll find that it restores moisture and seals it in to keep your hands soft and supple.

#2 – Keep Your Hands Warm

It’s important to keep your hands warm and away from the cold winter environment. And we don’t mean constantly sticking your hands in front of a heater (which dries them even more)! Instead, a quality pair of mittens or winter gloves will ensure your hands are snug, frost free and will prevent chafing or cracking.

#3 – Sunscreen Goes a Long Way

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t out! Harmful UV rays are still present in winter and they can damage your skin cells which leads to dehydration and further dryness. Using sunscreen can protect your hands and prevent further damage.

#4 – Use Soothing Aloe Vera

Has the dry skin on hands gone too far and led to cracked, chapped skin? Aloe vera can work wonders and help heal painful, cracked skin. Aloe vera is a plant famous for the healing properties of its sap or gel. Applying aloe vera (which is available in most pharmacies) can soothe your skin and kickstart the healing process. 

#5 – Avoid Overwashing Your Hands

It may seem counteractive in today’s climate but washing your hands too much can lead rough, dry hands. This is because overwashing your hands strips them of natural oils, which leaves them dry and moisture-less. The best way to ensure you’re practicing good hygiene while preventing dry skin is to immediately moisturise your skin after washing your hands.

#6 – Avoid Overusing Soap

To add on to our previous point, using too much soap can also further dry your skin. While it may remove dirt it also removes natural oils from the skin on your hands. A good alternative is to use a natural mild cleanser which moisturises your skin.

#7 – Invest in a Humidifier

A humidifier is a machine which, you guessed it, humidifies the air. It’s a great tool to use in winter since the cold temperatures lead to low humidity which leads to dry skin! Having a humidifier in your room or a mini version in your office can add moisture back into the air and into your skin.

#8 – Overnight Remedies

If your hands are feeling cracked, chaffed and painful, giving them a night of healing and rest can really work wonders. Overnight remedies such as using wet wraps to heal wounds or wearing gloves overnight to prevent further damage are effective ways to treat dry skin on hands.

#9 – Stay Stress Free

Studies have shown that there is a connection between stress and skin, where increased levels of stress has a negative impact on your skin. Keeping stress to a minimum and making sure you have time to relax and unwind can prevent your skin from being further irritated.

#10 – Seek Medical Help

If the previous tips aren’t helping the dry skin on your hands, it might be time to visit your local doctor or dermatologist. They’ll be able to prescribe you treatments such as a prescription steroid cream or hydrocortisone cream to treat your hands.

Soft Hands all Winter Long

With these tips, you don’t have to be counting the days until winter is over until you can have soft hands again. From moisturising constantly, washing properly and staying relaxed and cool, you’ll be able to enjoy the chilly winter days without always worrying about the state of your hands!

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